All Female Bass Lakes | Ep 17

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February 7, 2024

Fish University


Have you ever noticed that when someone catches a big largemouth or Florida bass, like a double-digit bass, they refer to it as “she”, “her”, or “big girl”? That is because female bass get larger than male bass, and you’ll never catch a male that big. In a normal population, half the population is male, so only the female half will have trophy potential. But we can change this dynamic if we only stock the lady bass. In this episode, Wes and Senior Fisheries Biologist Tim Bonvechio discuss the efforts Georgia DNR has been undertaking to create all-female lakes for better trophy fishing. They talk establishment, prey, harvest, and keeping out those pesky males who only have one thing on their mind. Tune in – this may be an option for your next pond or lake renovation!       

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