The Slab Lab | Ep 10

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July 12, 2023

Fish University


Have you ever though about purposefully trying to push your bream to trophy size? What if you had the resources, connections, and the perfect pond to do so? In this episode, we chat with someone who is doing just that. Sarah “The Closer” Parvin joins Wes to tell a story about a trophy bass pond that suddenly died off and rose from the ashes like a phoenix, reborn into one of the best bream ponds in the world. Called “The Slab Lab” for obvious reasons, Sarah and her father are consistently growing coppernose bluegill in the 1–2-pound range, with 2-3 pounders becoming more frequent. The pond is only 5 years old and is an experiment in progress, so who knows what they’ll be pulling out in a year or two!

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