From Litter to Glitter: Restoring oak woodlands and savannas with fire and thinning (Part 2/2) | Habitat University #271

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May 8, 2024

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Natural Resources University


What distinguishes a forest, woodland, and savanna? How does wildlife and plant diversity differ between them? How do we restore woodlands and savannas? Join Jarred as he talks with Dr. Andy Vander Yacht about his research into restoring oak woodlands and savannas and the wildlife that thrive within in.

In part 2, we discuss how birds and bats responded to restoration treatments (thinning and fire), and how Andy’s research can inform oak woodland restoration on public and private land.

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Research & Resources discussed in the episode

Dr. Andy Vander Yacht -

Ecology and Management of Oak Woodlands and Savannahs -

Bat response to prescribed fire and overstory thinning in hardwood forest on the Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee -

Avian occupancy response to oak woodland and savanna restoration -


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